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Beat saber lagging oculus

By | 09.10.2020

Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email. In a recent update to SteamVR Beta which will soon roll out to the SteamVR main branchthe following sentence appeared in the patchnotes:. Increase limits of what we thought was humanly possible for controller motion based on tracking data from Beat Saber experts. Though it seemed like it might have been just a joke, Valve developer Ben Jackson offered up some detail in the comments:.

The tracking system has internal sanity checks to identify when things go wrong. One of these checks relates to how fast we thought it was physically possible for someone to turn their wrist.

Essentially, Valve built a number of assumptions into the SteamVR Tracking code so that it can identify clearly erroneous data like a controller signaling that it is moving way faster than should be possible. The first system is an IMU inside each controller which senses rotation and translation, and can do so with low low latency and high frequency. However, the basestations update slowly compared to how fast the IMUs are in the ballpark of Hz vs.

When moving slowly or drawing predictable arcs through the air, this works well. Oculus tracking used to be hot garbage when Touch first came out, but was fixed completely four months later. Whatever man. I have never had wobble. I use two vive in my big play space.

living with lag - an oculus rift experiment

I also use tpcast have no issues. You list the short comes of Oculus camera based tracking yourself. If you go through a pros and cons list vive is def better no doubt.

Vive is much easier to setup for roomscale and can scale to a larger space, see my image for a space i got working with 9 metre diagonal gap between basestations. In practical use though there is no noticeable difference to the user, both Constellation and Lighthouse are excellent tracking systems.

Glad to hear you say they are now fixed etc. Can agree they are both better than Window MR gear tracking lol? It would be interesting to compare!

The Touch has slightly lower mass gm with battery, Vive wand is gm which can be beneficial when making rapid movements.

Both Vive and Rift use their IMU for high speed movement tracking, typically sampling at hz but reporting at hz. Drift correction on Lighthouse at hz and Constellation at 60hz. WMR headset tracking is very impressive but controller tracking has noticeable limitations both for velocity and field of view. Did you know?

That way they would say much less bullcrap. Oculus sensors are used to directly obtain 2D positional data which is used to calculate 3D position, whereas Vive sensors are used to directly obtain timing data, which is used to calculate 3D position. The only thing they have in common is the ability to detect IR light. A great source for technical information on SteamVR lighthouse tracking is Triad Semiconductor; you can also purchase kits and components to build your own tracked objects, controllers, headsets.

Shown is an image i grabbed whilst looking through their resource using ChromeVR in a Daydream headset.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Beat Saber Store Page. Global Achievements. To start out with i have been playing this game for months back when it came out.

During that time i started out with high settings and it all worked smoothly. As time passed with each update lag started happening.

It lead me to lower the settings and delete the mods except for custom songs. This didn't all happen over a instant it start 2 months after playing beat saber then things slowly got worse. I've looked up many things to try and stop the lag. I even tried oculus homeless and other stuff like cleaning my pc or uninstalling games.

This still didn't work leaving me clueless still. The only time i can get the game to run smoothly is on luck or if i reinstall the game then download all my songs and custom mods again mods being the ones for custom songs. At this point im desperate to find a way to stop the lag at least even a little without deleting mods. I could play this game without mods but at that point im going no where.

I'd be tired of the same maps and tired of how easy it is. This lag mainly effects the community maps that have very fast bpm. Some of these maps require some much from you to beat them that you cant have lag or else you've just lost track of the beat. I know i can beat some of these maps as i consider my self a very good player so its not me. This lag is basically holding me back in a lot of ways, competitively, my enjoyment, and fun.

beat saber lagging oculus

Playing a map even if its a nice slow one isn't satisfying. Random lag will hit out of no where even in the slow maps. Basically i'm looking for any small amount of help i can get to prevent the lag. The main thing i have done is used oculus homeless to prevent some lag. My pc is labeled to be "vr ready" for oculus so idk why it would be my pc. Here below i will list the specs of my pc. Specs: RAM: 8. I doubt its my pc because beat saber has been the only one lagging overtime as its grown. Like i said i'm looking for any help on this.

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Alternity View Profile View Posts. There is issues with the CameraPlus plugin so maybe that's it if you have it installed, but I've found that most of my issues with it are in the menu, not actually in-game.

It could also be an Avatar, I have a few avatar that my PC can't handle very well. It could also be your sabers, or your platform. Try with no avatars, stock sabers and stock platform, without the CameraPlus plugin.

Last edited by Alternity ; 16 Jan, am. Originally posted by Alternity :. This lag actually has gotten out of control.New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. Clixx52 Posts: 3. April 11 edited April 11 in Support. The game used to run flawlessly, like every other game I throw at my PC.

For some reason, now, Beat Saber is unplayably laggy, and even the Oculus menu when I press the Oculus button is almost vomit-inducingly stuttery and laggy.

It's terrible. The moment I press "Quit Game" the lag disappears. I'm playing with no mods installed, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, reinstalling the Oculus App.

I'm on a Rift S. Is this a known issue with the latest update, or this configuration of hardware? I literally cannot play this game when it performs like this. I have a headache as I type this. I hope this post is in the right section.

Tagged: stuttering bad performance beat saber. April Hey all, I found my issue. Nothing else, just. Beat Saber. Not sure why, but at this point it's easy enough to just turn it off and forget about it for now.

Hope this helps someone else. Scratch that. The actual problem only occurs sometimes after activating the Oculus menu while in-game and returning to the game, or always after taking off the headset and putting it back on.

TV on or off, HDR on or off. This is kinda ridiculous. I'll continue to update this post as I troubleshoot further in case it's useful to someone else. Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here.

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories Unfortunately, tracking isn't something we can influence in any way, the accuracy of the tracking depends on the platform and the device and is not connected with the game itself. The most common situations are: There is too much direct light in the room The camera is wrongly positioned The colour of the environment in the game projects to your room and matches the current colour of your Move controller.

If you are experiencing this problem try to turn off your TV while playing or lower the brightness of your TV. If the issue still continues, it must be a hardware problem and you should contact PlayStation support. This is probably due to wrongly set up Floor Adjustment.

beat saber lagging oculus

Go to Game Settings and set where is the floor. After that, go to Player Settings and set up your correct height. We plan to change this aspect in the game as it might be a bit confusing right now.

Note: If you have Floor Adjustment correctly set up, it doesn't matter if you stand too close or too far away from the point from which the cubes are coming.

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It doesn't have any impact on the game. We have seen this complaint several times and tried to replicate the situation in order to test it, in all cases, we found out that the player truly missed the note. There is a chance the player was confused by the trail which follows after the cube, thus it seemed like the cube was cut.

If the game says 'bad cut' or 'miss' it is every time the correct information. Nothing major changed in the game in the update v1. We also compensated audio latency, but this should work in the player's favour. With the latest PS4 update, we decided to restore audio latency compensation to as it was before. Our intention is to bring this feature to all platforms but we will need to take in the consideration limits and possibilities of specific devices tracking, safety instructions, etc.

PSVR is a closed platform and Custom Levels together with user-generated content are currently not possible there. We are not planning to add Level Editor to the game on this platform. Unfortunately, we are not able to secure Content ID turned off for paid Music Packs which are coming from 3rd party labels. Because we are supporting the artists and their music, we respect their decision to keep Content ID turned on for their music.

Plug the Quest into your PC 2. Allow access to Data 3. Backup all. Reinstall Beat Saber 6. Copy all. The steps described above aren't working when you use any mods for Beat Saber.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Beat Saber Store Page. Global Achievements. Jebediah View Profile View Posts. The game has run perfectly ever since I got it the day it launched. Not I get random lag spikes that make it unplayable even in vanilla after a clean reinstall. Hardware: i7 k GTX 6gb vram 16gb ddr4 ram I've tried everything I could find on the steam discussions and nothing helped.

One actually made it worse and when I reverted it was still worse. Please help me Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Alternity View Profile View Posts. I would suggest having Task Manager opened when you play, set it so that the more CPU hungry programs are at the top of the list and when you get lag spikes quickly remove your headset to see what's going on, it is most likely something running in background eating your ressources.

Originally posted by Alternity :. Last edited by Jebediah ; 1 Mar, am. I don't know how that would affect your FPS but have you tried clearing the savegame folder pointed in the pinned post we never know, it could help or could not, but doesn't hurt to try.

Another thing to consider is trying various VR games, maybe it's not only Beat Saber. Last edited by Alternity ; 1 Mar, pm. Slothdough View Profile View Posts.

beat saber lagging oculus

I got the exact same issue. All of a sudden I start to get lagspikes to the point of not being able to play anymore. Cpu isn't maxed out which is weird. I get this too.If you have an Oculus Go and want to try your hand at playing the popular VR game Beat Saber, there are ways to make it happen. Take guitar hero and add a virtual reality lightsaber element to it and you have a pretty good idea of what the game Beat Saber is.

As virtual color blocks fly towards the player, the corresponding saber is supposed to be used to slash that block in time to the music. On a VR gaming headset, players use corresponding motion controllers to move, slash and dodge. This game has quickly risen in popularity, ranking as the number 1 single-player VR game across the globe. Like many popular games that combine activity with movement Dance Dance Revolution or Wii Sportsthe goal of Beat Saber is to get up and move while gaming.

The motion controllers ensure you stay active to the tune of original songs in the genre of your choice. There is something incredibly satisfying about crushing the sound cubes like a Jedi Fruit Ninja to the underlying beat of the drum. At the same time, you have to avoid obstacle blocks that keep you on your toes. You can watch Beat Saber gameplay videos like this on YouTube where players play the game in front of large screens that show how the game looks in their VR headsets.

The Oculus Go is the third headset from Oculus and it is a popular choice for those looking to dip their toes into the VR world. The battery will provide around The new x fast switch display means that pixels blur less, the picture is sharper and motion sickness is less likely to occur.

But the Oculus Go only allows two degrees of movement up, down, right and leftwhich makes it a limited choice for games like Beat Saber. If you are planning to buy a new Oculus Go and use Beat Saber on it, you may want to read through these hacks and see if your mind is still made up on the Go.

There are other VR sets better suited to the game that may take you further even though the upfront cost will be a bit higher. There are a couple of ways around this if you are determined to play Beat Saber on the Go.

You can get a feel for the game and play certain elements of it. If you have the beta version of ALVR, you will need to opt-out before playing Beat Saber or you might not be able to use the motion controller.

You want to use version 2. Finally, make sure you select the single saber option before starting a game so you are able to use the sole Oculus Go controller.

So there is a one saber option for Oculus Go Beat Saber play, but that only gives you a small aspect of the Beat Saber game. If you want to include a second controller aspect, you can hack the Oculus Go to accept your Android as the second controller through VRidge Controller from Riftcat. Slightly awkward to fling around and, watch that screen if you slip! And another catch, you will have to stream through VRidge through another phone or standalone headset.

You will start by downloading the VRidge software on your platform of choice phone or standalone VR headset and then connecting your phone to that. The phone connected will then turn into a replacement 3DoF controller. Your touch screen will include the standard buttons for gripping or getting to the menu that is on a regular VR controller.

You get a tracking device and two controllers with the Nolo VR kit. There are very few reasons all of the effort towards Beat Saber Oculus Go hacks would be easier than just purchasing a compatible device.

Beat Saber gets 10 Imagine Dragons song pack and a new 360-degree VR level

If Oculus offered them in the store and provided technical support, this whole article might be a different story. You can get a pretty good feel for the nature of the game just by watching YouTube gamers, so testing it out seems slightly pointless for all the effort required.

To avoid all the effort for a sub-par version of the game, you can get a device that is truly compatible with the game.Punch and slash your way through a catalog of hit songs from any web browsing device.

Although still in its infancy, webVR has already proven a viable solution for providing low-performance interactive VR experiences directly from a web browser. So far the technologies primary use-cases have been simplistic gaming experiences, virtual showrooms, and various other undemanding experiments.

Moon Ridera new open source VR music visualization and rhythm game, pushes the boundaries of what web-based VR by offering an impressive, Beast Saber-like gaming experience without the need of a download or dedicated app. Visual Mode is a relaxing passive experience perfect for just chilling out and discovering new music.

For more of a challenge, you can try Punch Mode as well as Classic Mode. Classic Mode is a near identical replication of the classic Beat Saber experience, tasking you with slashing colored bricks in designated directions for the best score.

Being that the experience is running through a browser as opposed to a dedicated app, there is a noticeable hit to performance. There is a significant amount of lag and screen tearing, as well as some audio desync that took me out of the experience on several occasions.

Playing on my Oculus Quest, I simply typed the address in my browser, and boom, I was instantly inside a black-and-white tunnel busting up waves on blue-and-pink blocks.

And due to the experience being open source, the song catalog is absolutely stacked with hit songs. We had fostered a large open source developer community in A-Frame, and wanted to show that A-Frame and the Web were viable open tools for building native-like VR content. You can also play the game in standard 2D on computers and smart devices via the Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers.

The trio of developers behind Moon Rider— currently working on the Supermedium VR web browser—are the same team behind Beatsaver Previewer, a popular tool for discovering and curating new Beat Saber tracks.

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